pump room in chicago

The Pump Room Chicago, classy even after renovations

Pump Room Chicago, established October 1, 1938, by Ernie Byfield, is a restaurant located in the Public Chicago Hotel, formerly The Ambassador East, in Chicago’s Gold Coast area. It is a world-wide known restaurant frequented by the rich and famous and has been written about in books and articles. Lucius Beebe, gourmand, author and journalist, included references to The Pump Room in some of his books and articles which make […]

room divider panels

Using room divider screens in small spaces

Room divider screens could be used in small spaces as a different way to maximize the space that it has especially to configure them. Based on different needs, these spaces could be used for different purposes. By using them, it is expected that you could find the solution that is flexible especially that doesn’t take up much space inside your home. Folding screens could be the way to go because […]

trestle table legs

How to Decorate a Trestle Table

Trestle table has been used and popular since the middle ages, that could be packed with many different kinds of designs and styles depending on your personal preferences. You could use this kind of table with many different home themes such as modern, minimalist, traditional or even classical theme of a home. It could also look good when combined with benches and chairs or decked out with simple patterns or […]

waiting room chairs medical

Comfort ability of waiting room furniture in different places

Waiting room furniture could be one of the many first impressions for different places such as reception at your office place, hospitals, banks, post office or many other places. In choosing the right furniture for the waiting room, most interior designers would want to match their styles and designs to complement the room design and everything else surrounding it. They would of course want to make sure that people that […]

ottoman table

Unique looking Ottoman coffee table for the living room

Ottoman coffee table is one of the many designs that you could choose for your coffee table to be placed in your living room. They come in many different sizes, shaped, patterns and also accents that could project more of the room’s ambience especially when matched well with the room theme. There is something deep with the look of this type of coffee table that many home owners love that […]

oval white dining table

Unique Looking Oval Dining Table for Different Occassions

Oval dining table is one of diverse table forms. Some very early tables were made and used by the Egyptians, and were little more than stone platforms used to keep objects off the floor. They were not used for seating people. Food and drinks were usually put on large plates deposed on a pedestal for eating. The Egyptians made use of various small tables and elevated playing boards. The Chinese […]

unique coffee table ideas

Unique Coffee Tables for the Rooms inside Your House

Unique coffee tables could provide an atmosphere of your rooms inside your house to look more exotic or interesting. If you have a flair for the nautical, this type of coffee tables idea is for you. You could even make them by yourself and only need three basic items to make your own boat table: a dingy (or small boat, approximately 4 feet long), a stand for the dingy and […]